New Product Development Methodologies
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I'm looking for an article I once read that described the best way to develop a new software product within a company that must continue to build/support its legacy applications.

The premise was, I believe, that you must isolate the developers you assign to the new project and treat them as if they work for a new and different company. No resouce sharing, no pulling them back into support for the older stuff. I looked at Joel on Software (an obvious source) but I couldn't find it. Any ideas on where I might have read this?

It was most likely a fairly mainstream site so I don't think its a wild goose chase here.
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wild guess as this slides off the front page - i think there was a thread here a while back on something vaguely related. could you have found it via that? the subject was something related to developing with already existing products (perhaps more about refactoring than a new product?).
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