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Help me find more long, repetitive, hypnotic, electronic music similar to Black Meteoric Star.

I've heard other minimalist/noise hypnotic music such as
Andy Stott's Passed Me By, Demdike Stare's Triptych and Ricardo Villalobos' Fizheuer Zieheur, and I enjoy them all, but I'm looking for the more analogy/electronic sound that Black Meteoric Star has.

Any suggestions?
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Tim Hecker?

Troll the playlist's of Soma FM's Mission Control and Drone Zone stations.

In a similar vein, Bluemars Cryosleep.
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I feel as though Trentemoller (Trentemøller, really) could scratch this itch you have. (Be warned, though, his happy robot world is occasionally broken into by ethereal humans, if occasional vocals are not your electronica thing.)
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Best answer: The Field? Not all of his tracks are like that, but "Sequenced" (the one I linked to) is maybe in the same ballpark.
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Pilotpriest and Birdy Nam Nam.
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If you don't mind some vocals in your electronica, you could try some Cabaret Voltaire.
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