A hole on my head
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For reasons not worth explaining at this juncture, a large chunk of my hair has been removed from the back of my head. I have to Go Out tonight, and my hairdresser is unavailable on Sundays. Anything I can do? (Or, failing that, calm me down with soothing words of reassurance?)

I notice that my AskMe questions are disproportionately focused on my hair, and for that I apologize.
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Wear a shirt with a collar or a scarf around your neck -- no one will even notice.
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If I saw that, I'd think it was a cowlick, not a cut-off chunk. I wouldn't stress too much. Seriously, I'm extremely observant and that little dent in your hair would hardly even register with me.

But if you do want to try to conceal it, maybe pinning back some hair in front of that area, so the ends of the pinned back hair kind of landed over the cut hair (something like this), might help you feel less self-conscious?

I think the main reason it shows at all is that the rest of your hair is so smooth and shiny, so washing and and scrunch-drying or curling your hair- so the overall texture is rougher- would help that little patch blend in more. But really, it's no big deal!
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It's not all that noticeable. I was imagining a bad patch. Tie a pretty little scarf around your hair head-band style, which should push all your hair to the back of you head, making the missing patch less noticeable, or if that doesn't work, tie it kerchief-style, with the point of the triangle covering the back of your head. You look like the kind of girl that style would suit.
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Can you pull it back with a clip? It won't totally hide the missing hair, but it might disrupt the sides of the hole somewhat.

Or, hey, it's March, and you're in Canada. Wear a hat!

Was it gum? You can tell us if it was gum, we won't judge you.
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It looks fine. Well, not exactly fine, but it looks OK! Don't worry about it at all.
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Can you wear a hat? Dunno what kind of Going Out you are doing, but if you put a hat on it'd make it much less noticeable. Not that it's super noticeable currently.
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Barring that, practice telling the story (or making up a new story) in such a way that "what happened to your hair?" becomes a funny and enjoyable starting point for a conversation.
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intentionally messy updo is the way to go: grab sections of hair, twist slightly, pin towards the back with a bobby pin. repeat until all hair is gathered up off your neck. add gel or mousse for texture before pinning if your hair is too straight on its own.
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Asymmetrical cuts are a thing these days and were I to see your hair in the wild it would not occur to me that it was an accident.
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It's not that noticeable and you should definitely go out and enjoy yourself no matter what. If it was me I might wet all my hair, the. Use mousse or gel and scrunch it all up with my fingers while drying it, to create a sort of messy, wavy 'do.
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I probably wouldn't bat an eye at the cool asymmetrical hairstyle you're sporting, but I can see that you've got bangs and glasses, so I think you might be able to rock a retro headscarf. Here's a tutorial:


The messy updo is another option, as mentioned above. Grab sections, twist backwards, pin in place.
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Thank you all for your kind words! You guys are awesome. I grabbed some hair clay and did my best attempt at a Son Ga-in bob, and I feel much better now. Look for me at tonight's Magnetic Fields concert in Vancouver!

(Honorary Best Answer status goes to my roommate, who pointed out that if I simply part my hair on the other side, I should have enough longer hair to cover up the hole. Duh-doy.)
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It's avant-garde! Own it!
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Rock a hat.
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There will be people with far weirder hair at a Magnetic Fields concert, I'm sure. Enjoy the show!
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Clearly, you have to shave your head immediately. Maybe a mohawk. Or maybe just that side (i've seen it and it was cool).
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You can always buy a clip-in hair extension weft or two and have it cut to match the rest of your hair if this is going to be a problem for awhile.
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Sounds good. There's also this head scarf photo from Elle magazine that's making the rounds.
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Now that you've calmed down, don't you really want to tell us how your hair got chopped off?

I'm just curious. Have fun!
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It wasn't gum, I'll tell you that...
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