Color laser printer for home use
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Suggest me a very good, affordable color laser printer that will print crisp images of newspaper clippings and website pages?

I need to put together a package rather like a press kit, with high-quality color laser images of website pages and newspaper clippings. There will be photos in the source material, but the final images don't need to be photo quality- I'll be using good-quality copy paper, not glossy photo paper.

I was planning to do this with the color printer at a copy shop, but it occurs to me that given the volume I'll be printing (500 sheets or more) it might be a better deal to buy the printer.

I'd love to pay under $400 if that's possible. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Sounds like just the opposite actually. If you're making a 500 pcs run of a single document you'd be better of sending it to a print/copy shop rather than buying a laser printer. You'll get better quality at a lower cost per page.

The only reason why you'd want to buy the printer is if you plan on making some kind of customization for each individual package.
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