Help me find two comics and a video (massive google-fu failure).
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Catastrophic Google-Fu Failure. Help me find these three things: One, a web comic which had a flower with an ASCII art penis on it. Two, a web comic which had peeps and Mal from Firefly. Three, a video of a man doing a yoga flow routine which included L-sit to handstand, scorpion, and back again. Sorry for the grab bag, this stuff is simply driving me nuts.

One, I could have sworn this was xkcd or other super popular webcomic, but I simply cannot find it. Argh. Grr.

Two, the peeps could have been generic bunnies. I believe there was a reference to Captain Tightpants and/or big damn heros. This may have been a short series (two or three pages). Also probably came from a comic so popular that I'll hate myself for not being able to find it.

Three, this is the most far fetched. What I remember is as follows: The whole series was a few minutes long and included a bunch of poses (the memorable part was definitely the L-sit to handstand, though). The guy was in a studio or studio-like environment, no background noise, not someone's living room, etc. Video was somewhat professional. This guy had a perfectly straight back, especially noticeable during the handstand. None of it was wobbly in the slightest, everything was perfectly smooth and controlled. The time I saw this was probably ~2008.

Thanks in advance, and again sorry this is such a daft question, it's driving me crazy.
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Well, the Captain Tightpants reference is probably the five-part "Race" series on xkcd, which starts here.
posted by cerebus19 at 10:29 AM on March 16, 2012

Number 3 sounds a lot like something you'd see from Ido Portal.
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The XKCD strip doesn't mention Peeps, though.

Anaelith: might it have been the strip "Punch An' Pie" (which is down now as it's going through a domain switch)? I can't check whether there were rabbits, but there was indeed a dream sequence for the main character where she ends up on Serenity.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 11:00 AM on March 16, 2012

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