I need to sell some photos for a charity event
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I need to find a website that would allow me to upload and sell photos that I'll be taking for a charity golf event. I don't need to sell them at a markup or anything, just make them available for sale. It would be nice if those interested in buying the photos didn't have to join the site or create an account, but that isn't mandatory. Do sites like snapfish or flickr allow such ease for guests to purchase prints?
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Perhaps sell is the wrong word. I would like visitors to be able to order prints or perhaps jsut download the image to with as they please. I'm not trying to sell them.
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Instaproofs lets you set up a gallery and have people buy them. But they don't take care of actually printing and selling.

If you can set up a webpage somewhere Fotomoto will take care of the printing and shipping. The only additional thing you might have to do is upload a higher resolution version.
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Picasa allows visitors to order prints and they can choose from four different processors (Snapfish, Walgreens, Shutterfly and Photoworks). Here's how to adjust the setting allowing them to make prints (this says how to turn it off; you can do the opposite).

Also, with any photosharing site, users can just download the file and then either print it themselve, or upload it to the photo-processing site of their choice, although that's obviously a bit more difficult for some people.
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Decided to go the simple route and use Picasaweb to host and share the photos.

PeliniGolf.org is the website and will point to the photo sharing area after the golf tournament.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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