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What are some good images for a 3rd-gen Kindle's screensaver / cover?

I've hacked my 3rd-gen Kindle. Now I can replace the default screensaver images with my own, and I'm looking for some good ones.

  • images related to books or literature
  • old preferred over modern - engravings and pencil sketches are especially welcome
  • look good in greyscale
  • 800x600, or could be cropped / rescaled to fit those dimensions
So far I have an image from Piranesi's Carceri D'Invenzione, Mervyn Peake's illustration of the ancient mariner, Da Vinci's self-portrait, and this great image of Moby Dick. What else am I missing?
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Look for alchemical texts. The ones from the Mutus Liber are quite nice!
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I'd start with Dürer engravings.
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How about some Islamic pattern art?
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damn it.
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Here's some places to check for ready-to-install screensaver images that may meet your criteria:
Got Medieval
Kubizo (a few older titles under "Book Covers", at least)

As for converting other images you may find, here are some things to keep in mind:

Photographs, paintings and images with gradients will look better if dithered down into 16-color grayscale.

You may want to consider stamping your converted images with "Slide and release the power switch to wake" to give them the official factory-installed look. (I took this a step further on mine, and added a second bar across the top with "Property of:" contact info.)
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I got a handful or so (8 maybe) of Ivan Bilibin prints, cropped them to size, tinkered with the B&W conversion until they were nice and crisp, and now they make me very happy every time I pick up my Kindle. I'd be glad to send them your way - memail me with an email address to use if you're interested.
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I've found some really nice stuff on the Kindle Wallpapers Tumblr.
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