Gluten free food in Midtown, NY?
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Looking for Gluten Free food items in Midtown Manhattan, NY

I work in midtown manhattan, specifically near 32nd and broadway. I am gluten free, and I find that there are not many options for GF specific food. For instance, I have been craving Fries and Pizza, but I can't seem to find a place that uses a dedicated fryer for fries, or offers the mini personal GF pizzas. There is a place called Mozzarelli's 10 blocks away or so that makes their own GF pizza, but I don't like it very much, and it's not easy to get to during my lunch hour. I was hoping someone would have suggestions for places that are within a few blocks from where I work.

Looking for:
- pizza
- fries
- burgers
- mexican
- asian places with GF soy sauce
- sandwiches
- pastas
- desserts
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Have you thought about using a delivery service like Seamless? It will vastly expand the range of places you can get food from when you have a limited lunch period, since a lot of places will cover a 15-block radius by bike that you wouldn't want to walk.
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Bloom's Deli is the closest place I can think of that has GF fries (and other diner food).

Re Asian cuisine - can you bring your own soy sauce and leave it in a refrigerator at work? (or get packets of GF soy sauce and leave them in your desk)

Hangawi is close and has a GF menu.

Chipotle has GF items.
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Re Asian cuisine - can you bring your own soy sauce and leave it in a refrigerator at work? (or get packets of GF soy sauce and leave them in your desk)

This is what my husband does. Almost all Asian places will steam meat/fish and vegetables for you (often it's called some kind of "diet special") and then you can just put your own soy sauce on it.
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Dig Inn delivers to your location, and has an allergen chart on their nutrition page so you know which things are safe to order. Each item on their online ordering menu also has a little "more info" pop-up that will tell you what the known allergens are so you can avoid ones with wheat. There's also a place called 4food that has GF options for burgers on Madison & 40th, and they deliver if that's too far out of your way.
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When I order through seamless, I get Lili's 57 who will deliver to the area.

I'm a few blocks up from you, so these may be too far from your office:
Dig Inn
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Response by poster: Thank you for all the suggestions! Re: asian food, I do keep the soy sauce in my desk for when I order sushi or steamed foods, so I was referring more to other items like Tempura or Breaded items. It looks like Lili's 57 is the ticket for that though! These other places look really good too and I am excited to try them.
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Whole Foods Columbus Circle has a HUGE gluten free section.
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Lili's 57 (Asian) has an amazing GF menu, including tempura and dumplings (!!!) They do have GF soy sauce. We eat there every time we go into NYC.

You can order Udi's online or get it at a Whole Foods, their pizza crust is amazing. (As is their bread). Their hamburger buns and hotdog buns are good if you steam them first.

Most Ore-Ida fries and tater tots are GF if you want to eat some at home. Since very few restaurants serve GF fries we make them at home in the oven and they come out great, especially the tater tots. 5 Guys have some restaurants in NYC and they use dedicated friers (!!) and make their fries from scratch.
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