A place to safely and legally f*** in Austin
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Looking for hourly hotels and similar places for discreet trysts in Austin, Texas.

Don't judge me!

We're looking for a reasonably safe, private and legal place to have sex. No cars or bushes, please. A little skeevy is okay. On tv, I see these hourly places - but sadly, Austin isn't NYC.

A super cheap nightly hotel would work too, but we don't want to pay very much. Besides, they're all booked for Sxsw this week.
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Hookers work out of those shitty motels around I3 and Rundberg. I bring this us because clients of sex workers often look for short time hotels. But I think a lot of those working girls live in those hotels. Or so I've read from news stories. I don't think the Rundberg hotels offer hourly though and this week they'll be way overpriced for the night. They might. But to me they're more than "a little skeevy" they're in the "very skeevy." I'd rather rent a car, drive out to a desolate spot out in the hill country with a picnic basket and a Walgreens fleece blanket.

I'm not aware the kind of love motels that people who are having affairs or just want to get their freak on over a long lunch might use in the ATX.

The legit hourly rate in the industry is asking for the "day rate" which is usually used by people who are checking in super early, staying super late or need the room for the day. In the hotels I've worked (Hilton) in and stayed (Hilton, Starwood, Marriott), the rate was 1/2 of the rack rate (the regular non-disounted nightly rate). The availability depends on how full the hotel is and how many rooms need to be turned. Most people rent rooms for the day for meetings or to crash on a long layover, but some do use it for sexual liaisons. The problem is the hotels with a day rate will have rates that are going to be higher than a more moderately priced hotel down the road for the whole night.

But during SXSW most places will be full and not have inventory to let out for a few hours. Even places in Georgetown and San Marcos jack up their rates for the show. You might find a few smaller mom & pop places on far north (like north of Cedar Park) on 183 or far south on 71 or 183 way past the airport.
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For all the trouble you'd have to go to to find exactly what you want in an hourly nonskeevy hotel (I don't really think those exist) you might as well just get a regular hotel room. Both of you don't have to sleep there if you don't want to do that.

Many truckstops do have rooms to crash for the night (not sure about Austin area) which are cheaper, but again, skeeviness is likely.

Otherwise, maybe rent a van with enough space for a day, drive it somewhere secluded, and take care of business there? Probably wouldn't be all that much more expensive, and if SXSW is going on, that might be the best you can do in the area. Or just get a room in Fredericksburg or Waco or somewhere that won't be affected by the conference but is not too far to drive.

Otherwise I think you're stuck with bushes, cars, or restrooms.
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Empty movie theater. Back row. Reverse cowgirl style.
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Oops. Sorry. Missed "legal." Perhaps the Hippie Hollow?
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Try this. Banks rent safe deposit boxes for $15 to $20 per year. Customers of larger branches can request a private room to work on the contents of the box. Lockable, private and with a large working table. You and your secretary need the table for your work.

Long retired banker who has never tried this. Would love to hear from someone who has.
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