Cure for pleco with cottony mouth fungus?
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My plecostomus still has fungus after treatment. What to do next?

my plecostomus is alone in a 20-gallon tank. He has cottony mouth fungus.

At least that's what I think it is. Here he is with white cottony blob hanging from his mouth. There are also a few little white patches on his body.

As per the pet store's recommendation, I treated the tank with API "pro series" Fungus Cure (containing 3 mg Victoria Green B and 30 mg Acriflavine per packet). I followed the instructions, treating twice, 2 packets each time (1 packet per 10 gallons), 48 hours apart, then did the 25% water change as per instructions. It's 5 days post water change and the fish still has a white cottony blob hanging down from his mouth.

What do I do next? ?
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I would suggest you post this on the forums if you have not already.
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I would use Mardel Maracyn for fungus. Or Maracyn Plus. These are stronger medications, and I have had good luck with them.
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This is just a way-out-there thought, but could you grab it and remove as much of the fungus as possible (gently) with a q-tip? Maybe if you physically remove some fungus it will work in combination with the medicine.

If you do this though, be careful. I had to pick a plecostomus up once and it had some serious spikes in its top fin.
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