Looking for a twitter client
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Looking for a windows desktop twitter client like twirl. I know of TweetDeck and Seesmic. What else is there?

What I like about twirl is that it's compact. It just shows me the tweets in chronological order. It also pops up with a notification when there are new tweets and replies.

Seesmic mobile app does the exact same thing. Compact, tweets in chronological order, notifications, and has small tabs for replies and direct messages (something twirl does not). But those replies and direct messages are also shown in the main timeline.

The reason I want to stop using twirl, is because the notifications are popping up in the wrong place. I recently hooked my tv up to my computer to watch videos on it. It's functioning as a huge second monitor. Twirl insists on showing the notifications on the tv, even when it's shut off. I can't figure a way to make it show me on the real computer monitor.
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I got really sick of twhirl a few weeks ago and tried MetroTwit. So far I really like it, & I am pretty fussy.
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