1995 (Canadian?) kids' show name
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I'm trying to remember the name of a children's TV show broadcast on (I think) YTV around 1995, I think it was in the slot after Camp Cariboo. It was probably Canadian, and it had a mailbox puppet that said "YOOOOOOU BET!" when asked if there was any mail, and one of the men on the show used to dress up like a bee, which I remember terrifying me as a child. It may have been broadcast on TVO, but I'm fairly certain it was YTV.

When I try to describe it to people my age who grew up in Ontario, they ask me if I mean Camp Cariboo, but no, it was a different show, but I think it came on right after. The set as I remember it was plain, mostly just stark white backgrounds, not like Camp Cariboo which was set in a cabin/outside. It was "sketch" style, I don't think there was any storyline.
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circle square? was there a grandma and a dancing record and wooden spoon?
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Best answer: Take Part! is that the mailbox puppet?
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Best answer: Take Part! Best. Show. Ever!

"Recycle cycle, comin' round the bend..."

*sigh* A show ahead of its time.
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Response by poster: Take Part! Thank you!
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andreapandrea, when I was little I had the biggest irrational hatred on for that stupid record with its stupid spoon. Still don't know why.
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Gosh it's amazing how that flooded back.
Crazy Mr. Twister is crazy you see! One day he's a cowboy, the next he's a bee...

Was it Size Small that had the record and spoon? Given the picture on that Wikipedia page, it must have been, and I remember that show, but not the record.
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