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When I finish up my econ degree next spring, I was looking at a job with a Fed Reserve Branch in Florida (I'm in Orlando), which necessitates either Jacksonville or Miami. I'm looking mostly for information on living in Miami (I have a bunch of information on Jacksonville). I'm mainly interested in information about the city, price of living, etc. in web or book format, and I'm also interested in people's comments about living in either place.

I'm aware the easiest way is to drive down, but I'm mostly looking for what I can do from home right now, because it's hard to get time off to go down in between dodging hurricanes and school.
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I live in Jacksonville-it's ok but nothing at all like Miami. If you're young, you'll probably be really bored here, there's not a lot of nightlife or culture.

Jacksonville is basically a small town that is really very spread out. We have a lot of Navy here with 2 different bases. The beaches are ok, but we tend to go to St Augustine even though we live literally 10 minutes from Jax Beach.

All that being said, I wouldn't ever live in Miami, probably because I'm old and have kids and Jacksonville is good for a family, pretty slow paced with a neighborhood feel in all the different parts of town. The public school system is pretty bad, but there are lots of private schools available.
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I'm a little older than the typical student (about to turn 28), so I can't see myself doing things like, say, clubbing a lot wherever I live.

Anyone think the Rough Guide or Lonely Planet guides to Miami are of any use?
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