File organization for fools
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How can I rename all of my files with the same prefix? Specifics inside

Okay, so I have many songs on my computer, so it would be a pain to have to rename them all. There are two questions that I have, both related, but I'll start off with the harder one.

Scenario 1:
I have roughly a thousand songs created by my friends, but due to their organization skills the songs are labeled as thus:

And much more jumbled prefixes.

I want to rename them so that I remove this annoying prefix.
Is there an easy way I can do this or is there a software that I can use to help carry out my desires? It's tough to rename each song to remove just that one portion.

Scenario 2:
I have many files that are like this:

I want to rename all of them with a prefix (like a rate system or a soundtrack).

Again, is there a program or easier way to rename them all at the same time while doing an Excel kind of thing (where it can detect whether you want to make a column of dates in succession, i.e. Jan. 1, drag till a cell, and have a column that reads from jan.1, jan.2, all the way to jan.10)?

I was never good at file organization, I tend to just throw everything in folders, but now that I have each one of my music files in different folders, it's a toughie to try and move all of them into one "ALL MUSIC" folder rather than a billion album folders.

Online storage is not a solution for my friends, they tend to be a little old-fashioned and computer illiterate (they are too obsessed with their instruments so-to-speak).

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Best answer: Bulk Rename Utility will do exactly this. It's free, awesome and even supports Regular Expressions. I use it all the time for this sort of stuff.
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Mediamonkey is also good at mp3 organization.
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Seconding the Bulk Rename Utility. I love that program, it's saved me tons of time and ag.
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Thirding BRU
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