Stanislavski handbook?
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I'm trying to recall a book I read in college about The Method, as in Stanislavski. I'm pretty certain it's not "An Actor Prepares", but I could be wrong. Details inside.

There's a section where, in response to the often lobbed question of how an actor could reach into his or her experience when they lack such, such as when they must play a cold-blooded killer, the example of swatting a fly/mosquito without a thought is given.

In another chapter, "serious art" is contrasted against "entertainment" by two contrasting experiences at the theater - in one, you feel tremendously lifted, and clap til your hands hurt and congratulate the actors heartily. Next night, same theater, you feel punched in the stomach, and have no desire to clap or celebrate, and you walk out contemplating issues in your own personal life.

This ring any bells for anyone?
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Shot in the dark -- Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen?
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Sanford Meisner's On Acting?
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Response by poster: Forgot to add: I think the word "art" was in the title, and it was written in the style of "An Actor Prepares" and probably dates from that period as well. In other words, the tone is 'literary essay' rather than practical/informative.
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Art of Acting by Stella Adler?
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Best answer: Acting: The First Six Lessons, by Richard Boleslavsky!

Memail me if you want a free copy, I still have it from my college acting course.
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Further info: the narrator frames it via discussions with "The Creature," a young actress going through her life as a developing artist. Stanislavsky's "An actor prepares" is framed in a Russian acting class.
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Response by poster: I strongly suspected that Acting... might have been it, but Google Books Preview only gave me the first 12 pages. I'm still not 100% sure, but you seem pretty convinced, mornie_alantie, so I'll seek it out and see! Thanks Metafilter!
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My Life in Art.
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