I need a pantry app to help me inventory my food!
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I need a pantry/food-inventorying app, and I'm willing to pay for one. We have lots of food stored up, but we don't have a pantry per se. By necessity, the food is dispersed in the basement, kitchen cabinets, closets, etc. Most of it is stuff we would use up pretty quickly if it were convenient -- instead, we can't find it when we need it, or don't know we have it, and end up buying more. There must be an app for this, right?

Ideally, this would be an iPhone app. I don't have an iPad, but would consider buying one for a killer app. I would even consider a laptop app if it's great, though I suppose it wouldn't be able to scan bar codes. I also have a lone Windows laptop, so I'm willing to consider a Windows app if that's the only way to go.

The ideal app will have:
1. A simple interface, ideally one that works with bar codes so I can scan items when possible.
2. Flexibility -- I would like to have the option to add sizes, brand names, expiration dates, and other detail as necessary.
3. The ability to note storage location.
4. The ability to generate printed lists.

I know I could just use a spreadsheet program, but I'm not a spreadsheet whiz and I find them very unwieldy. I actually tried it, and couldn't bear the slog.

Maybe there's some cheap small-business inventory software out there that can help me? What do restaurants and food pantries use?

(FWIW, I did look in the Apple store for iPhone apps, but the ones I found seemed either too cutesy, or too inflexible, or they were essentially underpowered shopping-list apps. I didn't buy any, because the sample screens and bad reviews made them seem like they wouldn't be of much help. However, I'll gladly investigate anything you guys recommend based on personal experience.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, Rodrigo. I will check out Pantry.

I also wanted to clarify my question: I have downloaded and tried all of the free iPhone apps I could find, and none of them really came close to what we need. I didn't try Pantry because it's not free and it didn't look quite right from the little info provided, but I'm going to try it now. Would still love any other thoughts and suggestions.
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I'd probably search the app store for "pantry" to see what other similar apps are available. It looks like the ratings for Pantry are so-so which would be concerning (bugs, etc).
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Prep and Pantry looks like what you want. Now I want it too.
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I just tried Matt's Pantry..it had good recipes but lacked good inventory control. So much for the good reviews...
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Agreeing with purenitrous, it looks like Prep and Pantry is the best fit for your requirements. The location data even gets down to GPS data. The interface could be simpler, but it's also not overly complex.
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