Recover iTunes setting after format C drive
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I'm using iTunes to sync my iPhone 4S. (running win xp sp3) Currently, It's time to format my PC C:\ drive. I have all my music on the D drive (I don't need to backup songs before formatting C drive) iTunes currently sync to those files, and I need to recover iTunes full settings after the format. (so iTunes could have the same Library and Playlists 'picture' equals to prior formatting. How can I do that ? what files need to be backed-up before formatting, and I can I make iTunes full recover on a new formatted C drive ? Thanks. Ron
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Is it that iTunes is installed on your C drive and the music is on your D drive? You should just need to back up your iTunes folder - for me it's in C:\Users\[myusername]\Music but I'm on Windows 7. Then, when you reinstall, put iTunes in the same place. If you have any podcasts, make sure they're on the D drive too. I think the default is to store them in with your music, but not 100% sure. (Just right-click any episode and hit Show in Windows Explorer to see where it is.) Don't forget any pics or videos you sync to your phone as well. (Note that you can change your iTunes Media Folder location under Preferences -> Advanced.)

If it initially can't find your music, try clicking Get Info and when it asks you to locate a file, locate one. Then it will normally ask you if it can use that information to locate the rest of your files, and you should click Yes.

I find it a lot easier to click the "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" and let iTunes do that part, but YMMV.
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(By "put iTunes in the same place" I mean put your backed-up folder in the same place.)
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Apple's suggestion. Think of it as moving to a new machine, and search that problem instead.
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