How to prevent possible identity theft?
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I might have foolishly entered sensitive info in a place I shouldn't. What can I do to minimize possible damage?

I was doing online banking. I entered my account info and login. There was then a pop up saying there was a new security feature and prompted me to enter sensitive info. Seeing that it was after login, I foolishly entered some of those info. Stupid of me! :(

Now on my bank's front page, there was a scam alert. Damage is already done.

I have checked my credit report just now and I will enroll in credit monitoring. Any advice on which one? I'm looking at Triple Alert Credit Monitoring via Experian.

Anything else that I should do?
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Change passwords to all bank accounts. Lock your credit report so no one can pull your credit.
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Call the bank right now and tell them about it. It's possible that the popup was legit (my bank has done things on its site that look sketchy).
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Change your online banking password, and contact your bank's customer service department and tell them you might have fallen victim to a scam and that they should watch out for suspicious activity.
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Call your bank, update your antivirus software, and run a complete virus scan on your computer. These pop-ups are usually due to viruses/malware existing on your computer.

Please be sure to uninstall and reinstall your antivirus software before performing the scan, so you have a fresh, uncorrupted install.
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Don't forget to change your other (non-bank) passwords if they are the same or similar.
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Response by poster: Thank you guys.

Doing all of those now.

FTC also has a website and step by step directions.

1. Place a fraud alert in your credit reporting company
2. Order Credit Reports and/or credit freeze
3. Create Identity Theft Report
4. Regular checks of the reports.
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