Intelligent comedy podcasts?
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I recently discovered Podcasts (well I knew of them, but never listened to any). Can anyone recommend any good, intelligent comedy Podcasts to make me smile instead of cry when I'm stuck at my desk all day?

There seem to be alot to choose from in iTunes (which is what I'll be using), but I've never heard of any of them.
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I have yet to listen to it, but John Safran has a podcast now, and everything he does is hilarious. So I would assume the podcast is worth listening to.
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Can't answer your question, but as well as iTunes, there's Odeo, a tag-based podcasting site that launched just this week. They have a comedy category.
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I'll plug my friends' podcasts of the Little Gray Books Lecture Series - funny stuff.
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Best answer: Keith and The Girl.
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I like the Dawn and Drew show. I'm guessing that nobody has mentioned it because it's so well known, you'll have heard of it anyway, but I suppose it should be mentioned and in my opinion it's funny as all hell.
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try or
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Dawn and Drew are an acquire taste. They have a huge following for having been around since nearly the beginning, but also for a peculiar brand of "TMI" humor. Don't get me wrong, I listen to them, but they're not my first recommendation depending on the listener.

My wife likes movie podcasts. Reel Reviews in particular. There's also a great, legal (i.e. RIAA/ASCAP licensed) music podcast called Coverville -- all covers, all the time. For web geeks, The Gillmor Gang (on the excellent IT Conversations site) is quite popular. And for better or worse, there's always Adam Curry. If you're into podcasting, you have to listen to him, simply because he's the closest thing to a podcasting "hub" out there.

I know, I know, these aren't "comedy." But they still brighten my days!
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I completely agree with the Little Grey Book Lectures. I'd also reccomend The Sound of Young America, which is a comic interview show, sort of like a funny Fresh Air, and The Best Show on WFMU, a talk show on which many of the guests are fake.
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