How do I get the old Google search results back?
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So, it would appear that Google have changed their search algorithms. Using search queries that would have previously returned hundreds of results I am getting a handful of results which are mostly irrelevant / gibberish. Any ideas how I can go back to the "old" Google? Thanks!
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It would be helpful if you gave some examples of the search queries you're talking about.
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Generally, you can't. Algorithm changes are irreversible from a user perspective, but if it's a case where your search terms are just being parsed differently, you could try using different sets of operators.

If you could give us an example, it'll help.
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OK, this is an example! This "should" bring up hundreds if not thousands of results, since Foucault is the author of one of the foundational texts in this field.
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Here you go. They changed the plus operator to integrate with Google+. You have to put a term that has to be on the page in quotes now.
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Have you tried Google Scholar? I'm getting hundreds of links with it:\
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(See also.)
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Odd. No idea why, but if you remove the "+" from foucault and leave "sociology of punishment" in quotes you're back to lots of results.
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what stopgap said. I had to change my search strategies to get around the now-broken plus operator. short version - you need to quote single words now.
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You can use the '+' operator by entering "Verbatim" mode.

I can find that under "Search", "More", "Search Tools". Who knows what they do when you try it from wherever you are, though.

I'm not happy about this.
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details how to go into verbatim mode.

+ was simple, intuitive and accurate. I miss it so much.
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You don't need to click lots of buttons to find verbatim mode -- putting quotes around your search term does exactly what the '+' operator used to do.
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Also, if you just put a space between + and Focault, there are 14,800 results. Like this.
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Any ideas how I can go back to the "old" Google?

You could use Bing
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