Can you help me create funny and encouraging signs for people about to take a major test?
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Most of my cohort begins taking their written exams next week, and I'd like to give them a bit of encouragement. Can you help me come up with some silly and encouraging signs to post on the door of the testing room that will give them a smile before they walk in?

We're mostly mid- to late-20s students in a history MA program, so history-themed jokes or pop culture references from the '80s through today would be the biggest hit. The tone I'm looking for is "you're so ridiculously awesome you're going to completely ACE this test," so any images/songs/chants/etc. that convey self-confidence and pump you up are great.

Here are some examples along the lines of what I'm thinking, though I am of course open to whatever the creative hive-mind comes up with:
* Photoshopping one person's head onto Rosie the Riveter
* Inserting a person's name into the lyrics of "Shaft"
* Public Historian Ryan Gosling
* The Most Interesting Man in the World

My art and computer skills are absolutely horrible, but I can recruit someone who's passably good at photoshop if the situation calls for it. I'm totally okay with spending half an hour or so futzing around with lyrics or words to song/poem parodies. They will be unfamiliar with most internet memes, unless they originate from TV or movies or something.

Lastly, these signs will go up in a semi-public area so anything more than PG-13 will probably get me in trouble. Innocuous innuendo will probably be fine, but cursing/nudity/drugs won't fly. The signs outside the door is a running tradition, though, so I know the idea itself will be okay.

Thanks for all your help!
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I totally love this sign:
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Grr - with link this time!
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