Demitasse cups with coast live oak images
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I am looking for demitasse cups with an image of a coast live oak--full tree, leaves, or acorns would all be fine, either stylized or realistic. Failing that, other awesome demitasse/Turkish coffee/espresso cups?

I'd like to find a set (2+) of demitasse cups that have an image of a coast live oak. These would be perfect, except it's the wrong kind of acorn. Either a realistic or a stylized image would work.

Searching google, Pinterest, and Etsy has gotten me nothing, so perhaps this is just too specific. Suggestions for other neat cups would be great! This is a gift for someone who likes architecture, Arts & Crafts style, engineering, art nouveau, furniture something that references those would be ideal.
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You could try contacting Etsy artists who have hand-painted ceramics you like, and asking them whether they could make a custom set for you. (Etsy used to have an "Alchemy" section for requesting things, but they've gotten rid of that feature.)
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Perhaps you can find something that helps here.
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The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has a small gift shop full of household implements decorated with native plant images. Unfortunately, the website selection is pretty meager, and I only see a latte cup with ironwood, no demitasse cups. But, if you could visit that or another botanical garden gift shop in the Central Coast area, you'd potentially have some luck. (Sorry if you're not in California and this is completely unhelpful...)
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I think this is way too specific a request so I gave up and went in a different direction. (Unfortunately I am not in CA so while the Botanic Garden sounds like the best hope, it's impossible. Next time I'm out there I'll look!)
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