Help me make a yummy bake
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Any tips for oven cooking Costco chicken bakes?

Whenever I put my chicken bakes from Costco in the oven (following the package directions) they turn out crispy and a little hard on the outside. However, whenever I buy one at the food court in a Costco, they are soft, moist, and yummy. Does anyone have any tips for how to replicate these results at home?
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My first instinct would be to put a pan with water in it on the oven rack beneath your chicken bake. The steam should keep the crust soft. Kind of like this article talks about.
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Best answer: I'd prefer them to be crispier, personally, but I always thought the ones from the Costco food court was because they were wrapped in foil--either after cooking or during--and that it's that trapped steam that softens them.
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If it's a fan oven you're going to need to cover, as the water container isn't going to be able to compete. Probably just bake it wrapped in foil and then brown under the grill (ahem, "broiler") for a minute if you want that.
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