What adhesive should I use for a leather insole and a Sorbothane heel pad?
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What adhesive should I use for a leather insole and a Sorbothane heel pad?

I recently pulled a calf, and the web told me that one thing I should do to help rehab it is to put heel pads in my shoes. So, I got these. One side of them has a bit of light adhesive on it to keep the pad in place. On one of the two pads, that adhesive is no longer functional to any degree.

The pad will now mostly stay in place as long as I keep the shoe on, but it seems like every time I put the shoe on, it is out of place, under the arch of my foot, which is uncomfortable, and more importantly which I assume defeats the purpose. I guess the act of taking the shoe off (which I do as often as possible within standards of etiquette) displaces it.

The insole itself is leather, and the heel pad is Sorbothane.

What kind of adhesive should I apply to it to get it to stay where it should be?

I would like it to not destroy either my shoe or the heel pad, to keep it in place under normal wear and tear, but still allow me to remove the heel pad with relative ease if I eventually want to, not leaving remnants or ripped material. It's OK with me if I have to reapply it periodically (although of course I'd prefer not to, all else equal).

Thank you!
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Double sided adhesive
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