Lesbian bars in Chicago?
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Looking for a lesbian/bisexual lady bar in Chicago. I'm in my mid-20s and looking to meet other women.

I've been to The Closet (which seemed to favor men and older women) and a few bars for boys (like Berlin and Hunters) but have yet to find the watering hole for women. Where are the 20-somethings? Should I be on Craigslist? Should I be on OKCupid? Where is everyone?
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I don't live in Chicago, but live near enough that I get quite a few attractive Chicago dykes in their 20s showing up on my OKCupid. Couldn't hurt.
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You should check out T's in Andersonville.
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I am so excited someone finally asked this question.

Dance parties are where queer ladies are mixing and mingling in Chicago these days. These events usually happen once a month at queer or queer-friendly bars around the city. Here's a list:

Slo Mo on third Thursdays monthly at the Whistler
Lipstick Friday every Friday at Parlour
Northern Lights at Parlour is another good one.
Dollhouse Fridays at the Wicker Well (straight bar with a fun, diverse lesbian night on Fridays)
Chances Dances and related Off Chances
Queerer Park
This one is huge: Formerly Known As at Big Chicks, first Thursday of every month
Shits & Giggles, fabulous queer burlesque performances

Keep an eye on the L-Stop events page. Like all of these on Facebook and I guarantee your dance card will be full.
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PS: Shoot me a MeMail if you want to chat more about this. I've been here and queer for quite a while, now.
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here is a link for Parlour.

Karaoke nights at Spyners often bring out the lesbians. Also, I am given to understand that there is a lesbian contingent at Lizard's Liquid Lounge, but I have never been myself.
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I see that Lieber Frau already linked Parlour. It's a great bar - one more can't hurt!

My other piece of go-to advice for new queers in town is to volunteer for the Reeling Film Festival. I met some nice people that way.
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