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LA/SFV Filter: Where should I go for a second date?

I'm meeting someone tomorrow night for a second date. We'll both be coming from work, meeting hopefully in Sherman Oaks/Studio City. Neither of us eat out much in that area and so I'm looking for a restaurant that is quiet, fairly casual (not too pricey), and romantic-ish (dark lighting, etc.) Originally we were gonna go to a Tapas place (Ole on Ventura Blvd), which sounded ideal, but it seems it recently closed. (I'd still be excited about Tapas if anywhere comes to mind, but I'm open!) I'd rather get a suggestion from a person than just from randomly googling. Thanks!
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If you don't mind coming into Toluca Lake (just adjacent to Studio City), Prosecco Trattoria could fit the bill.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Scody. I forgot to mention that it needs to be a later-night place, since we won't be meeting 'til around 8:30 on a Thurs.
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Definitely go here and sit in the back. They have tables situated among low-hanging trees with intimate lighting, you can get wine and some really incredible food. It's not quite tapas but you can get a number of small dishes and share them.
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Ah, gotcha. In that case, maybe Malbec (also on Riverside in Toluca Lake), as it looks like they're open till 10 on Thurs. I haven't been there myself, but I've heard good things about it.
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Response by poster: Great! Please keep suggestions coming!
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(If you go to and post this question on the L.A. boards you'll get a bunch of great suggestions.)
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Ca Del Sole might be open late enough for you.

Cafe Bizou is in Sherman Oaks. $2 corkage and decent French-ish food, if that suits your fancy.
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+1 for Ca Del Sole. Had a very nice second date there myself.
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Response by poster: Okay, I'll definitely look into Ca Del Sole and a few other places mentioned. I want to ammend my question and say that my heart seems to be more and more set on Tapas. I'd be willing to drive a little farther (closer to Hollywood?) for a lovely Tapas spot, if anyone has ideas....
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Best answer: What about Black Market in Studio City? Oh, although it's pretty loud. Firefly in Studio City feels date-y to me -- you can sit in the library section and get all kinds of nibblies.
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Is La Petit Chateu still around? (It's either off Vineland or Lankershiem, right by the freeway.)

Not sure how quiet Ernie's is (Moorpark and Lankershiem, right near St. Charles church), but the food's good.
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