Is there a way to record streaming Flash video from a website?
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I'm giving a talk next month at a professional meeting. While researching/preparing online, I've come across some Flash videos that I'd like to use in my presentation. Anybody know how I might go about recording them? Thanks
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Firefox > DownThemAll.

It's a browser extension. Might require a bit of tweaking depending on the site and file format, but usually it's all set and ready to go, two clicks to download.
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I LIED. It's DownloadHelper. Sorry, got my extensions mixed up.
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Yep, DownloadHelper is the bomb.

Can you embed them as .flv files or do you need to convert them to something else? That'll require other software if so... (although many embed sites will offer mp4 versions as well)
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Download helper can convert them with the aid of additional software that it installs if you need it.
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Whoever created them may be able to deliver them in a presentation-friendly format for your talk.
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You can also use a screen capture tool like CamStudio. (Using something like this may be violating the owner's copyright though.)
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