Alarm clock computer help please, pleeeeeeeeeeease?
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Phone died. Phone is also my alarm clock. Left my charger at work. How do I make my computer into a reliable alarm clock?

I have a MacBook Pro, googling this weirdly hasn't turned up very many results.

Anyone have any ideas? I'd very much like to be at work on time tomorrow, so all suggestions are appreciated.
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If you keep your laptop on and connected to the Internet overnight, Online Alarm Clock works.
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This ought to do the trick. (Caveat: I don't use this myself.)
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I used Tomorrowful's suggestion for years as my alarm clock. It will respond to the remote that may have come with your computer. Best snooze button ever.
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You can also set a calendar event with an alarm. I've often used System Of A Down - Chop Suey simply for the first lyric.
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I actually do use Alarm Clock. I can vouch that it works just dandy.
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If you do any of the above, make sure to turn off any automatic sleep or hibernation.
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Do you have your old cell phone kicking around, even if not on a plan? My crappy flip-phone still functions as a decent backup alarm.
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In shareware, Aurora runs iTunes, as well as other programs, and the commercialware Awaken is similar. Of the two, Aurora will scan all your iTunes playlists on start up, so if you have a lot of playlists, it can take a bit to start up.
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Yes, Alarm Clock is awesome. Use it.
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When travelling I use iSnooze. I like waking up to music and this connects to iTunes.

From the webpage "iSnooze sits in your system tray and lets you schedule times for iTunes to start playing. Spacebar activated snooze, configurable snooze time, gradual volume increasing, multiple alarm schedules, playlist selection, temporary pausing when you reach your computer to give you time to shut it off"
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I was stuck somewhere with no intertubes, once, and needed to be up at 5 the following morning, so had the task scheduler start Skype at the appointed time, and I woke with a ssssssssshhhhhhhhLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH.
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