Wideband elastic
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Where can I find wide (3/4"-1") rubber bands?

I have a project in mind for which I want wide rubber bands -- I was hoping for an inch, but I could settle for 3/4" at rock-bottom. I could work with anything from about 3.5" to 8" long.

This sounded easy to find, but I've searched and searched, and no one seems to make them wider than 5/8".

I figure this has got to exist, maybe called something else (but it needs to be springy -- a machine belt or the rubber wristbands I've seen wouldn't work.) Some hair band or exercise band, maybe?

I know fabric stores et al sell flat elastic cord, or that I could put two 1/2" rubber bands side-by-side, but my platonic ideal solution would be something exactly like a rubber band but 1" wide. Anyone know of such a thing?
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Find a salt water fishing supply store. Large rubber bands like that are commonly used in lobstering.
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I found 3/4" rubber bands at my local Staples two weeks ago (missing from the online catalog).
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Could you perhaps ask in your grocery's produce section? (I'm thinking of the rubber bands I usually see on broccoli, for example.)

Or make your own?
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Get a bike or motorcycle tire inner tube and cut it to whatever width you need?
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Best answer: Size #94 rubber bands are 3.5" x 0.75", just barely meeting your minimum length and minimum width requirements. You can find them at Amazon ($6.49, $4.94) and ULine ($4.99).
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Best answer: I'm not sure what the prices are, but this place has 7/8" ones from 3-10"
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I've ordered them from Uline and had no problems.
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Would something like these exercise thingies work for you? Or these?
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