What is the Real SES Timeline?
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What is the actual timeline for interviews, notifications, etc. for the SES selection process in US government employment?

I have applied for an SES position with a federal agency in Washington, DC. The agency is striving to abide by OPM's "45-day" SES selection process. My package was sent via e-mail and I followed up with a printed package, both within the submission deadline. I received an e-mail confirmation of receipt. When should I expect to hear if I have been selected for an interview (or not)?

With prior applications, using the USAJobs online process, I was notified of status changes in the application as they progressed. This was an e-mail submission only, so it seems to be outside of the progress tracking system. Any insight on what the timeline and process should be?
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I'm not sure about SES positions, but GS positions can take months and the USA Jobs notifications only seem to work about 75% of the time.
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I don't know much about SES positions either, but I did find this timeline for SES hiring. Maybe try touching base with the point of contact listed on the job announcement in a week or two?
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The outline linked to above matches what I've seen (which is only one or two cases). Keep in mind that this is only the timeline (in work days, not calendar days!) for their first choice selection. People turn down these offers, and if it's taking more time, you might just be a 2nd or 3rd choice, so hang in there. Also, my understanding is that it can be variable based on the agency because there is still some back and forth between the agency (and between HR and the office) and OPM. So I'd wager that smaller agencies (not housed by a department, for instance) can be a bit more speedy. Also, you don't specify whether or not you're an internal candidate, but if you are I think it's worth checking in with your contacts within the agency. Good luck!
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