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Are there any satirical documentaries relating to religion like Kumare? I know there was a popular series on Atheism on BBC and several others like Religulous, The Root of All Evil, etc., and I am curious if there are others which, instead of taking a serious note on educating us what atheism/religion means, evoke laughter throughout dealing on these subjects?
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Life of Brian?
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Best answer: Marjoe might be worth a peek.
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Best answer: Not sure if it is exactly what you want, but John Safran vs God.
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A bunch of Sita Sings The Blues is amusing, but it mostly focuses on the Ramayana.
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Er, well. I guess that's not really a satirical documentary. Oops.
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Lord of the Universe (1973) is not outright satirical but is a subtly humorous look at a harmless cult.

Also, Shadow of the Holy Book (2008) falls into my mental category, and IMDB's database category, for this although it does not fit precisely in the accepted American definition of religion. (From this you might branch out into the many documentaries about North Korea.)

Scouring IMDB, these two films are all that I could find that provide both factual information and occasional mockery of people's serious beliefs. I also know of a lot of documentaries that present people's unusual beliefs with complete seriousness.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your suggestions. This is great stuff!
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