Are there craft blog events?
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I have a blog that used to have some readership. I think I got people interested mostly by participating in food blog events (where someone hosts on their blog, names a theme, and then everyone makes something, blogs about it, and gets a link in the event post. There are so many of these that there are even blogs that aggregate all the food blog events). Then I had to move my blog and lost most of my visitors. Also I now post a lot more art/craft content than food. I assumed there would be similar things for my new topics, but I just can't find them. Do you know of any recurring art/craft blog events with open participation, or any websites that catalog such things?
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The Ravelry forums are home to many a knit-along (KAL) or crochet-along (CAL) where a particular pattern is chosen by the group and everyone makes it and writes about the process, posting pics when done. I think in pre-Ravelry days there were more blogs devoted to knitalongs, but now they almost all seem to be defunct because, well, everyone who knits or crochets seems to be on Ravelry. It's convenient and has a terrific sense of community.
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Best answer: There are a lot of scrapbook, card-making and general paper-crafting blogs along these lines wiht regular "challenges" for readers. (I know because I follow them.) As far as general crafty topics being highlighted, the ones I think of immediately are One Pretty Thing and Craft Gossip, however, I'm sure there are many others. Honestly, if I were you, I'd start by posting your best projects to Pintrest and connecting with other crafters on Twitter or on forums (Craftster maybe, or one related to your specific craft?). Chances are there are other networking methods that have developed since your first blog.
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Best answer: Without knowing what kind of art/craft you do, it's hard to say. But if you draw or do other 2D art, Illustration Friday has been running for several years and has hundreds of participants weekly. It also has a Flickr group. I love this one. Lots of different skill levels and great art.

Artists in Blogland is not recurring but you can add your name to the list and visit the 200+ other craft and art folk on it.

Others I've seen but not participated in:
Paint Party Fridays
Monday Artday
Sunday Postcard Art
They Draw and Cook
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I just ran across this DIY Postcard Swap this morning.

Aunt Peaches had a Valentine swap. She might run other swaps - I'm not sure.
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