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Where can I get little parts for Miele vacuums?

I have a Miele that's about six years old. I don't know the model number off-hand. It's dark grey / black. It's the kind you pull along behind you.

The powered-brush attachment that came with it (the default attachment for floor vacuuming) has a little button you can press to detach it. That button is composed of an outer-housing, a spring, and the button/latch bit that releases the attachment from the long tube thing.

The outer housing came off and is missing (let's say a squirrel ran in and stole it). Now the attachment won't stay on because the spring has nothing to hold it in place. I did manage to save the spring from the mutant squirel attack.

Now I want to get just this stupid little piece of plastic, but all I can find on-line is an entire new power attachment, which is quite expensive. Local repair place offered to replace the whole bit that comes out the back of the attachment (tube, the part I'm interested in, and some other bits), but that's going to run over $100 with parts and labor, so I might as well just get a whole new attachment.

So, my question is: can I buy just the stupid little part I need, or do I need to rig something?
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Best answer: Oh, you should totally call Miele itself actually. They're way better than their local repair shop affiliates in terms of service and parts and questions. If you're super nice, they might actually just send you one for nothin'.
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