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How else can I share photos with my family?

I've been blessed with possibly the cutest baby ever, but unfortunately my family is far away. I have several ways to share photos with them, including:

a blog + boxcar so their iphones know when it's been updated
flickr which posts to the blog automatically
kodak pulse digital frames
prints in the mail
random texts

and my most recent discovery, which is iphone apps that send photo postcards.

Am I missing anything cool? We are not too into facebook and I'm not really looking for photo mouse pads/coffee cups/etc.
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picasaweb /google plus picture albums...
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A guy I met at Hacker News has a pretty cool site to share photos, video and anecdotes about children (or anybody, really) and display them attractively in a timeline: Moment Garden. You e-mail them in or upload via the site, and everyone who's been given access gets an e-mail. It's free for now though I believe he's working on some pro features. We use it with our kids and per my request they have a "family view" that aggregates everyone's timelines.

My wife also posts a lot of photos to Facebook and we make albums and prints with Snapfish and a regional supermarket.
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I use Familio for this.
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My parents love Skyping with their granddaughter. You may already be doing that, but if not it might be a good way to see more (moving) pictures
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smugmug is the best photosharing site I've found. Works great for family, but even better for friends and acquaintances (same sports team, same school event, etc.)

It costs a minor amount per year but allows the people you are sharing with to browse or download the original photos without any adds...
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You can use Picwing to automagically send prints to friends and family twice a month.
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I created a Tumblr for our sprog. I love that I can queue up posts, so I can load it up for a week and forget about it, or I can send pictures from my phone, so that I can keep it updated with the latest happenings. I also love that it can update to my Facebook page, which means my mother can see whenever it updates. I have received nothing but pleasant comments about this from far-away friends and family, and even nearby friends and family. (Except the one negative comment: "There's nothing on the blog today!") My mother-in-law looks at it twice a day, and it's easy for my 81-year-old grandmother to pull up on her iPad to show the other folks in the retirement home. If you're okay with things being public, it's a great tool.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your suggestions. I think some of these could be fun, especially Moment Garden and Picwing.
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