Minting custom coins on the cheap!
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What is the cheapest way to have custom coins printed?

I'd like to mint about 1 or 2 thousand coins with my (very small startup) logo and some text. Will I be able to find a company that will do this for me at less than $.50/coin? I think I want to do actual metal, not plastic, but cheap aluminum would be ok.
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Best answer: TokensDirect offers custom aluminum tokens for 9ยข each plus $195 for the custom die. Look like minimum order is 5k though. However, that means your total cost is $645 which totals to the equivalent of just 0.32 cents/coin for 2000 coins and then you just get an extra 3k thrown in.
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A Mardi Gras supply place that does custom doubloons would definitely do it, but I don't know the prices. Check out the customization page of Beads By The Dozen, for example.
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Search for " Challenge Coins" -- OakCoins makes them, as do tons of others. (Actually they are made in China, but these folks do the work for you.) As I understand it, it costs like $300-$500 to set up the coins, then a per-piece rate. Tons of fpolks do them for geocaching, so it can't be that hard.
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Best answer: I've ordered standard tokens from Hoffman Mint, and they're fantastic. Real high-quality stuff. Here's the price list for custom tokens (PDF). It looks like 2000 brass tokens with a custom design will run from 25.7 cents each to 26 cents each at reasonable sizes (0.8" to 1" diameter). And even cheaper if you get the copper-plated zinc, though those will start to turn brown after a while like pennies.

I really liked their work, check them out. And make sure they send you a sample bag!
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