Any early morning options in Salvador, Brazil?
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Hi well traveled mefites! My husband and I are taking the overnight bus from Lencois to Salvadore tonight and it arrives at something like 5am. We have ~6 hrs to kill in Salvadore before we catch our flight to Rio. Are there any places we can go to hang out early morning? I'm guessing the Market isn't open that early but maybe there's a restaurant that's open 24 hrs or a section of town that's nice in the early morning maybe.
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Best answer: Do you mean Salvador De Bahia? Hmm. The Farol beach is maybe 30 mins from the airport by taxi, and it's really pretty at sunrise. There are a lot of little cafes around there, and some of them probably are open by 6 or 7.
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Best answer: Lots of places that do breakfast open 6ish. If KGMoney is talking about the Farol da Barra it should only take you about 20 minutes from the bus station at that time of day. Heading to the airport will take more time; it's 15-25 minutes the other direction from the bus station (just be glad it's a Saturday!). There are all kinds of places that do "cafe da manhã" down there, just look for anything that looks like a deli/bakery and they'll probably have a buffet of some sort. Breakfast is generally done by weight so you pay for what you take. (Sorry, I don't know specifics, it's not my end of town.)

If you head north from the bus station, up the Paralela, past the airport and into the city of Lauro de Freitas, there's my favorite breakfast spot, Ponto do Pão. They don't open until 6:30 but it is a cheapish, all-you-can eat breakfast (about R$15, IIRC). Huge selection of baked goods and some hot stuff, juice, coffee, etc. Being in Lauro means you're closer to the airport and also closer to some of the better beaches. Praia do Flamengo is at the end of the runway, big and open. After breakfast, you could head that way to sit for a while. Or within the town of Lauro de Freitas there's the Vilas do Atlantico beach, which is nice too.

I just noticed you're coming in tonight. Fyi, the sun rises right now at about 6:30 (daylight savings is ending on Sunday).

And if you still have time, there's a mall across the highway from the airport (taxi or bus necessary) and the airport itself has several places to sit and have a coffee (and a handful of shops). It's actually one of my favorite airports to spend time in--small but bustling, which means great people watching.

I hope this helps! I know it's probably a jumble of information!

Too bad you didn't post your question earlier! We could have had a Salvador meetup!
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Response by poster: Ah, thank you both for the suggestions. We actually ended up going straight to the airport where my husband wandered around for several hours while I slept in the observation deck.

I wish I would have posted the question earlier too since we could have used many more tips on our Brazil trip. Now that we have our visa's, I can definitely see us coming back in the not too distant future. It would be awesome to meet some people down there, especially since our Portuguese and so poor and we didn't even have any one to ask "how do you say..."
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