Asians, Catholics, New Yorkers, Construction Workers....
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Do you know of any websites, book or documentary about various stereotypes and how they originated?

For some reason, I've always had an interest in stereotypes and how they originated.
This previous AskMe is a perfect example of what I mean.

I tried looking for books but only came up with results like:

-why stereotyping is bad (this is about 80% of the results)
-criminal profiling (already have a lot of information on that)
-psychology of how events in ones past can affect their future
-humorous books that just list the stereotypes
-the science behind why people use stereotypes

I guess what I would love to read is a reference/history type of book on various specific stereotypes sorted by culture/race/religion/region/jobs.

Is there another word/phrase I can search for?

Please don't reply with personal opinions on why stereotypes are bad.
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Reading the biography of Stepin Fetchit gives great insight into why African-Americans were always stereotyped as lazy/stupid, especially on film.
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Best answer: Here's a good start -- Us and Them: The Science of Identity by David Berreby. This book doesn't look so much at specific stereotypes, but at the process of creating stereotypes in human thought and culture. It's an important, wonderful book, and surprisingly, a page-turner. If you do a search on the author's name, you'll find lots of other writings, talks, and websites.
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I think you should look at Cultural Studies (as an academic study). I seem to remember stereotypes and their origins being a HUGE part of my studies in all my Cultural Studies courses. Just try googling "Cultural Studies and Stereotypes". It turns up a lot of studies about the exact thing you seem to be looking for.
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