Internet Browsing on PS3
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Since the Xbox 360 doesn't have a browser I am unable to connect to Xbox Live on a public internet connection because the 360 cannot give me access to the user agreement (if anyone knows a way around that, I'd like to know). Does anyone know if the PS3 has a browser capable of going on a public wifi and agreeing to the user agreement? I ask this because I am considering purchasing one for the library I work at. This will allow me to download updates for our games.
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You can connect to the internet using a PC/laptop, then share the network connection to another ethernet port on the same PC (using "Internet Connection Sharing") and plug the Xbox into that. I did that a while ago and it worked.
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Do you (or the library) own the wifi router? It may be possible to give the Xbox a permanent DHCP lease (which would give it the same IP address indefinitely) and then offer it a different class of service than everything else that connects. You could allow the Xbox unfettered access to the connection while maintaining the EULA requirement for everyone else.
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The PS3 does have a built-in wifi browser, but fixing this at the router level via MAC address is the best answer.
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