Looking for humorous artillery in the xbox vs PS wars.
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I'm particularly looking for a one liner that did the rounds a month or two back that said something to the effect of "my playstation won't power up while the [xbox] green light is showing", but any clever "My console > your console" will do.
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The key to console war baiting is of course first claiming to own both systems, and then rag on only one. I don't know the one-liner you are referring to, but I could make one up, which happens to be a two-fer:

My PS3 collects dust like a Wii the day after Christmas.

Also, here's a gem from a blog comment:
"go play halo 3 you xboy with your crappy crackdown 2 ??? lol tell ur mommie to rennew your xboy subscription"
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Not a one liner, but the funniest console comparison ever.
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Best answer: A significant amount of the comments in this fashion tend to be self-deprecating.

Comments in Wii threads along the lines of: "Super Mario Galaxy 2! Time to wipe the layers of dust off my Wii." PS3 would be something playing on the small library, like: "At least now that Heavy Rain is out we have three games to play." An Xbox comment would rely on the 'red ring of death' failures, the fact that you have to pay for online subscriptions, and the youth of the Xbox Live audience. Something like: "Finally another Halo is coming. It's been months since I've gotten the privilege of paying to be called a faggot by twelve-year-olds."

If you want to rag on consoles, those are the items you focus on. Wii has few games that appeal to the hardcore, and waggle sucks. PS3 has a small library (and, cross-platform games tend to be optimized for the Xbox). 360 is still well-known for failures, and you have to pay for the online service. Those are pretty much the sore spots.
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