Notes with pics, please?
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What's a good Android App that will allow for inline picture additions into a text document and does not require an internet connection to work?

We've got some field technicians working on cataloging equipment in our buildings on campus, and we've got a nice shiny set of new Android tablets to do so on. What I'm looking for is an app that will allow our technicians to take a picture, add some text, take another picture, add some more text, ad nauseum as they are out in the field gathering specifications and pictures of all the equipment. Storage can be local, or cloud synced, but as they're in boiler rooms with poor Wi-Fi, we can't depend on it being an always on connection. Evernote is working in a convoluted method right now, but I hate that they have to create notes so they can break up the pictures. Google Docs won't allow for adding pictures inside a text document. Any ideas? Free is almost a requirement, because I have not a lot of budget to work on, but small paid apps may be able to work as well.
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Poking around the Android Market, it looks like you could do this with Extensive Notes although I haven't tried myself.
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