Where can I find these glasses?
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Where might I find glasses like these?

I really love the glasses Walton Goggins occasionally wears in Justified as Boyd. I know I've seen them before on people (they've got a nice little hipster vibe) but can't seem to find them.

Can someone tell me what the style of these particular glasses might be classified as and where I might be able to pick them up for a decent price? All I can really deduce is that they're semi-rimless.

Here's a few links:


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These are pretty close.

Here's another.

One for the ladies.
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Those look like browline glasses. Shuron makes various styles, but you might find cheaper options on eBay. Try "browline" as a search term on your favourite opticians sites.
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The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is damn close.
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They look like some specific model number of RayBan Clubmasters.

Find a RayBan outlet or whatever to figure out the specific number, then search for that online if you don't wanna spend $200.
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That lensway.com site Admiral Haddock linked shows these options when you search for "browline".
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Best answer: I really don't think those are browlines--they look like a two-tone full rim frame, with the top black and the bottom clear.
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Warby Parker has a pair that pretty closely resemble the glasses you posted. They also have similar two-tone/fade colorways for some of their other styles. They're really great quality glasses for the price.
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Best answer: Oh also, Lookmatic has multiple frames that might work.
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