Please tell me this can be done with a few clicks instead of a few days!
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Illustrator filter. Is it possible to mirror several objects at once, but have the mirroring axis be the center of each individual object? Picture explanation below. Please hope me!

Here is a little picture of what I'm trying to achieve. This is a simplification of course, and my real project involves thousands of individual text fields, whose location need to be quite precise. I need to mirror each of them, but have them remain "on their own spot". Is this possible, and how would i do this?

(also, for the sake of my example, the triangles and the text fields are on separate layers, so i'm not worried about not mirroring the triangles along with the rest)
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Select objects -> Object -> Transform -> Transform Each -> Check "Reflect X"
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Yes Yes Yes Yes, Metafilter is amazing! Thanks Supercres!
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No prob. Transform Each is awesome. (Check "Random" for more fun, and notice that you can change the anchor point of scaling/reflection/rotation on the object.) Saved my bacon from hours of tedious work on more than one occasion.
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