What is this campy horror flick???
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Mid/late 80s-90's comedy/horror flick. Seems very B movie esque. It actually reminds me of something that Troma would churn out. It had to do with a high school reunion. Everyone had quirky tendencies and maybe they were all murders? I remember a murder happening in a school cafeteria kitchen and think someone was decapitated with something silly.
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Best answer: Student Bodies?
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How about early 80's? Student Bodies
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Was one of the reunion attendees a former exchange student from Romania who turns out to be a vampire? Can't recall the title, but Troma-quality for sure!
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Response by poster: OH MY GOD. THIS IS AMAZING. I've been curious about this movie for YEARS.
Dear metafilter. I love you. <3
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Ha... one of my favorites. "Melvin sometimes pee red."
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Horsehead bookends!!
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