Who can I trust with Grandma's gold?
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Any good jewelry store recommendations for the New York area?

I'm actually looking for a particular service, that is to say, resizing my grandmother's wedding ring without cutting material out (i.e. I need to add one of those little chunks of material to fit it on my dainty ring finger). I've called around and nobody seems to do it or, if they do, they only do it for rings you've actually bought from them. But I'm new to the area and don't really know where all the nice, trustworthy, neighborhoody jewelry shops are. Thanks for any help!
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Best answer: Are you looking for someone to put bumps in the ring like this to make it smaller without altering the ring itself?
Or could you explain a little more what you want?

If the ring has stones in it, the stones will have to be removed before the ring is sized which will be more pricey than if it is just a metal band. You might want to just go with a ring guard in that case, which wraps around the ring and takes up some of the interior space.

If it's just a metal band, then the jeweler can cut a chunk out and solder it back in on the inside to create those bumps, or can use extra metal (they will charge you for it) if you don't want to cut up the ring.

Anyone in the diamond district will be able to do this for you, and if it is just a metal band it shouldn't run you more than $50.
Any spot on 46th-48th between 5 and 6 ave is good.
I also recommend Greenwich Jewelers downtown because I take jewelry classes with Gavin who works there and he is great.
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Response by poster: Thanks, rmless! Yeah, I didn't know what it was called, but a ring guard is definitely what I'm looking for - I cringe to think of anyone soldering, cutting or mutilating this 70-year-old keepsake!
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FYI, the ring guards can do more damage (through scratching) to a ring over time than adding the bumps.
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