Attending a Brazilian Wedding: The Essential Information
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I am going to a Brazilian wedding (in Anapolis, near Brasilia) this summer. As a non-Brazilian guest, what do I need to know? One more specific question regarding dress inside.

The dress question:

I am told I will need to wear a long dress, but I want to make sure I've got the right kind: are we talking floor length or tea-length, or will either suffice? Also, does dress vary with time of day like it would for an American wedding? (To my knowledge this wedding will be taking place in the evening.)

Where answers would be "ask the people who invited you," I'm afraid I can't. The main invitees are my parents, and I am tagging along. The friends who have invited them (parents of the bride) are the kind of people who give vague answers to questions about this stuff, too. We've got all the information from them that we're going to get.

My parents already know what they're wearing (their standard international formalwear—tux for dad and floor-length "Mother of the Bride"-ish outfit for my mom) but I'm much younger than they are (I'm 27) and my previous experience in Brazil was that young people dressed very differently than older people.
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When you say "summer", I assume you mean like July/August. Just remember that in Brazil, that's winter time (although their 'winters' are relatively warm, at least for a New Englander like myself).
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An evening wedding in winter in the interior? I think you can safely assume this is going to be a pretty swank affair. Brazilian weddings are the perfect event for busting out the formal wear. It won't be cold, but it may be cool in the evening, so a wrap would be appropriate. You don't necessarily need a floor length gown, but if you go cocktail length, the fabric should be silk or satin, and a solid color. Make sure your accessories match! Consider getting your hair/nails/makeup done the day of the wedding.
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Response by poster: Good point about the seasons; I completely forgot about that. (I am always surprised by that, every time it comes up.)
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Response by poster: And to be clear by "this summer" I mean "in late May of this year."
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From a Brazillian friend of mine:

"I'm going to go ahead and assume it's a Catholic wedding, which will be a long ceremony, so I would advise to wear something comfortable; go formal but not over the top. Definitely agree also with the get-hair-and-makeup-done suggestion!"
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Response by poster: Thanks, that's helpful! I think I may have to take care of my own hair and makeup, but if there's a way to have it done, I will do that.
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Beauty salons in Brazil are WAY CHEAPER than in the US, if you're arriving early it may be well worth to try to hook up with one, a nice way to splurge
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Useful search: roupa casamento convidada brasil
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