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Know a good plumber in seattle? Faucet's pivot-stopper is broke where it connects to drain stopper inside pipe, where i can't reach it. Should be easy for a pro. Know anyone, or have other recommendations? Sorry for the question but I don't want to go in blind here.
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Best answer: Ted Becraft is an excellent Seattle-area plumber. Based out of Everett. Very busy but the best pumber I have ever had the pleasure of using. Query google with "Becraft Plumbing."
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Best answer: I have used Fischer Plumbing and have been pretty satisfied with the results.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations!
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Response by poster: FYI Becraft was a no-show.
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Response by poster: Fischer did an fast and very reasonably priced job!
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I am surprised about Becraft. Very. Sorry to have recommended him.
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