What do you 'like' on Facebook?
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What are your favourite interesting, informative or unusual FB Groups or Pages?

I'm looking to expand my Facebook horizons beyond my friend circle and the pages of things I'm immediately interested in. What do MeFites 'like'?
I should point out that while my interests are broad, I'm not that into the flash-in-the-pan or snicker-and-forget options. Hit me!
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Unvirtuous Abbey - religious satire, often surprisingly profound
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Hit post too soon. I like ^^^ those because they're not only funny, but I think they're pretty insightful at times as well. I'm not one for potty humor normally, but when it's paired with thought, I find it refreshing. That's my opinion anyway.
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Response by poster: Patheral, don't get me wrong, funny is great. I was talking more about the "10,000 followers and I'll streak at the Superbowl" kind of stuff.
Then again...
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Response by poster: Thanks, SED.
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I absolutely love George Takei (star trek). It's mostly light humor, so it's a nice break from my day.
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Atlas Obscura.
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I like the official Matlab page...
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NPR has pretty interesting content.
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I'm gonna second George Takei. His posts are way better than nearly all of my real friends, though nearly all of them have followed my lead and "Liked" him, and now half of their posts are shared Takei posts. His feed is usually light humor, though it is occasionally thought-provoking: he posted a video yesterday on the 70th anniversary of him and his family being put into an internment camp.
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