Which diaper will fit?
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Diaper Filter! Please Hack my diaper issue. I don't understand the sizing at all. My current knowledge is that choosing a size has more to do with your baby's "output" than the recommendations for weight on the label. My son is slim, but large. His current size leaks. HELP!

Baby jbenben is 10 months old. He is slim, but wears 12 to 24 months size clothes. Everyone comments on how "big" he is, even though I honestly think he's average. He's long/tall. I guess that's what everyone means. Also, he's my first - so I'm flying blind.

He's was recently at size "6" diapers for the length of time it took us to blow throw one big box. In the past week, he's leaked a lot after about 2 hrs or less, so it is time for an upgrade.


All the next sizes seem to be toddler pull-ups, 2T size, and these are just too too wide for his frame.

What do I do here? I'm OK changing his diaper every 2 hrs during the day, but for sleeping...?

Baby jbenben needs a diaper that fits his slim frame but lasts more than a few hours.

I know you know more than me!
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Have you tried size 6 overnights? You probably will still have to change him once or twice in the night, but it helps.

Also, if you're not already doing bedding lasagna, that helps too. (Mattress pad, sheet, mattress or hospital pad, sheet. So you can just strip off the top two layers if the bed gets soaked at night.)

Are you positive the diapers aren't too BIG to get a snug fit? You'd be more likely to get leg leakage (as opposed to up-the-front leakage) if the diaper's too big. And if it's up-the-front leakage, are you (ahem) pointing his penis the right direction when you diaper him? That can make a difference with little boys, especially if they're fast pee-ers.
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Mine always need a larger size than the weight range given on the diaper box to avoid blowouts up the back (all of them large babies), but not that large (current baby is 9 months and has been in size 5 for a few months now).

Are we talking poop or pee leaks here? Is he leaking up the back or out the legs, or up the waistband in front? (If that last one, baby boys need to be tucked downward in changing them...)

Have you tried different brands? There is enough of a variation in different brands to make it worth experimenting with (in my not-inconsiderable experience) if you have not tried that.
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Response by poster: I think Eyebrows McGee might have it, as there is an even split between up-the-front leaks and at the crotch area:) Had no idea "positioning" was a factor.

I've tried overnight diapers in the past, but I would LOVE fav recommendations. I definitely think regular "6" size, which worked for a while very well, could service another month with the right type/brand.

Yes! Totally use multiple barriers regarding the bedding:)
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Best answer: Yes, point the penis down when you diaper, it helps. When it's pointing up, if they pee very quickly, it saturates the top layer of diaper absorbent-stuff but doesn't have time to soak into the lower layers and let the top keep absorbing, and it will just kinda shoot up the front. And if the diaper's at all loose in the front, it can just shoot right on up there barely touching the diaper. When it's pointing down it's always aiming in the diaper, at least, and it has more room to spread out on that top layer and soak in before starting to escape.

We use Huggies Overnites which, despite appalling spelling, work pretty well, but not perfectly. I know a lot of parents who get off-brand diapers for daytime but only use Huggies or Pampers at night, as they're more absorbent and better-fitted. (I've also found Costco's house brand very absorbent -- I think someone told me they're rebranded Huggies? -- but I don't know if they make overnights, we don't have a Costco so I only get their diapers from time to time.)

Also these super-pee phases tend to come and go a little bit, as their diets change and the weather changes and their bladder maturity changes and so on.
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Best answer: I'm assuming by the sizes that you're talking about 'regular' disposable diapers, yes? I've got some suggestions but they're more to do with cloth diapers. In case you're curious, the sustainablebabyish fleece fitteds are awesome and really seem to grow/flex with the baby, and are super leak proof.
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In terms of disposables, a friend swears by these Huggies Pure and Natural diapers. She started buying them because her daughter was getting a rash from the new Pamper's design, but has since realized that these fit her slim baby better, and are generally nicer diapers. Apparently they aren't quite as smell-free as other diapers, but if you change every 2 hours or so, it's not noticeable.
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Best answer: My son also had a very impressive output. I used Huggies Supreme for him - it was the only diaper that could absorb quickly enough.

My issue was that he was a very good eater. I was using plastic evenflo bottles for his feedings. He would drink so fast that the bottle would implode. It was kind of impressive. After a reasonable time, he would pee heavily. He had to be changed with every pee. I became mildly obsessed with flannels, small rectangles that worked as barriers between him and his sheets. Once he began eating more solid foods, the problem lessened. I continued with Huggies Supreme because the fit was best for him. He was also large yet thin, always wearing the next size up for his age.

During this time, I entered to win Huggies sweepstakes and I won. Free diapers and wipes for a year! Go to the Huggies website. They are always running something. Check out the reward points.
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My son is 21 months and 24 lbs and in a size 5 huggies overnites. He is tall with slim hips but these seem to fit him well with only occaisional leakage- usually when I neglect to aim his penis down when diapering. One trick I've heard of, but not tried, is to stick a maxi-pad along the waist to prevent overflow leaks.
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Best answer: You can try adding a liner like this if overnight diapers alone don't do it (these aren't pads, they allow liquid to flow through to the diaper as well).
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Those liners are cool! I'm going to have to try them. The maxi pad trick is specifically for front waistband leakage, or so I'm told, but those liners look like they would solve leg hole leakage.
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Sounds like the diapers are way too big.

My 3.5 year old is 36 lbs. and wears size 6. He started wearing six about a year ago.
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Best of luck, leaks suck.

I'm just here to jump on the bandwagon: they're probably too big. There's a science to the whole thing and the way they work so if the path of least resistance for the liquid is out the side instead of into the material, that's where it will go. So, they need to be tight and snug.

FWIW, my 2.5 year old (girl) is 14kg, not too big, and has been wearing Pampers size 5 for about a year now. I doubt we'll ever have to go up to size 6.
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I am wondering if your problem might be size or brand related. Size 6 diapers does not sound right at his age, even if he's larger than average. Could they be too big and leaking out the side? When they leak are they actually really puffy and noticeably heavy and full?

Our 99% in height 18 month old is in size 4 diapers and has never leaked. We use the Target brand, which I have found to be superior than the Huggies/Pampers.

I would make sure that his size is actually right first, and then I would test different brands.
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We're on our third baby now, and we've always had to alternate between different brands and types as they grow. We've also had to use different types for sleeping and daytime at times.

And you're being careful when you're changing him, right? A sloppy fit is bound to end in leaks.
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How the crap is he in size 6 at 10 months old? Baby melee is 14 months and very short, but right in the middle of the weight chart and he's in 3's and will be in threes for another couple months or so. I think your diapers are WAY TOO BIG. One day we forgot to give diapers to one of our sitters, and she wound up using size 5 pull-ups, which didn't leak, per-se, but we also didn't get a normal 5-6 hours out of them before we had issues.

I should say that at 14 months, little Melee eats more than most 2 year olds you know, it's not uncommon for him to "fill" a three with a BM, but the only time we have leak issues is when his mom puts his diapers on, as she tends to put them on waaaaay loose and semi-solids will come up his back if he sits down hard. Also, having never had a penis, she doesn't get that positions matter, and will occasionally put him in there with it pointing UP, and if it's loose, well, you get the idea.

But no way 6. Maybe 4, probably 3. Smaller and tighter. We have, on accident, gotten 12 hours out of a target brand generic.

As a test, take one, and pour liquid into it. You'll be AMAZED how much they can take. The answer is a LOT.
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I should say baby melee wears 18-24's, and is in size 3 diapers.
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Yeah, I've had three kids and have never bought bigger than a size four. They were all 2 or 3 and potty trained by the time they needed a 4. (The first two might not have even needed a 4. Baby three was/is super chunk-style and needed a 4 for awhile. But that was the baby who needed us to stand on the edge of the Bumbo seat to pry her fat thighs and booty out. So fives are big big for a 10 month old. Go by the weight.)
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Yes, I think they are too big. My son (who's now 7), has always been off the charts in height, and around 95% in weight, and he wasn't in a size 6 diaper until he was 2.5 years old. How much does your son weigh??

This site compares all the sizes of lots of diaper brands. Maybe you'll find something helpful here?
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Yeah, my son was huge and thin, like yours seems to be and 6s are way too big. The sizes aren't based on output at all, but actual size of the kid. I think around 10 months (with a similar sized kid to yours) we were in something like 3s. So first step is to go way down in size, and then you may have to try a couple brands, they each fit differently, we found that target brand didn't work well for us, they seemed to be made for wider kids, huggies was ok enough that we could use the costco huggies rebranded, but pampers were the best fit. Get a couple smaller boxes of a couple brands (at a size closer to the one recommended by height/weight on the box), find one that works, then go back to buying the big boxes.
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Nthing that these diapers are way to big.

Also, I have a family member with 6 kids - three boys and three girls - and she swears:
1. pampers swaddlers for all babies until they outgrown them
2. huggies for girls
3. pampers for boys

In my experience, pampers run bigger than huggies, and have a little more stretch. If I were you, I'd try papmpers size three.
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I also think size 6 is way too big. My average-sized 2.5 year old is wearing size 4s, and he wears 2T and 3T clothes.
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I agree with "diapers probably too big". We've just been thinking about trying a pack of 6's, and baby T is nearly 16 months old, over 30 pounds and very tall for his age, and has been in 5's since about 6 months.

Details are important: The missile points down. Fluff out the leg holes a little so the pee has time to get trapped before it hits an edge. Hoick the diaper up so that it's not sitting too low (though my experience that's more of a poop problem.) If he's slender the tabs can probably be close enough that they're nearly overlapping. My husband regularly expresses concern about baby's junk being able to breathe, but the kiddo doesn't seem to care either way, and there are definitely more leaks when things are done up loosely. By the time we resolve this argument he'll be potty trained.

We've just been trying the Huggies overnights because he was overpeeing his daytime diaper at night. They work great in terms of pure absorbency, but we've had a couple of pee leaks due to them not being quite as stretchy and shape-conforming as the Pampers we usually use. I really have to spend an extra minute making sure everything is well-arranged. So maybe trying some small packs of different brands would be helpful too.

He could also be a heavy pee-er, but from what I've seen, a leak due to oversaturation is more of a vague dampness (it's the reason we just switched to the Overnights at night.) If by leak you mean "sudden river out the leg" then things are too loose, whether due to size or brand or way he was put into them. I've heard of people double-bagging diapers for heavy pee-ers overnight, but have not tried it myself.

I swear I used to be able to talk about interesting things.
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Yeah, size 6 is for over 35 lbs.

Newborn: Up to 10 lbs
Size 1: Up to 14 lbs
Size 2: 12-18 lbs
Size 3: 16-28 lbs
Size 4: 22-37 lbs
Size 5: 27+ lbs
Size 6: 35+ lbs


Not knowing how much he weighs, I'd guess a size 3 would make sense. I remember that we were in 3s for a long time.
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I think you're putting too big of a diaper on him - daughter is 15 months, 24lbs, 33inches tall - super tall and skinny, barely fits size 4 diapers properly. It's not a volume thing, it's a fit snugly thing that saves us through the night.
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Nthing diapers too big. My nearly-4 year old still wears a pullup most nights, and a size 6 will fit him (just barely) in a pinch. He's 45 lbs and as big as some five year olds. Downsize. My daughter's a bit older than baby jbenben and wears a size 4 without a lot of extra room.
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Yep, diapers are too big. My three year old (slim and tall) still wears 5s. Go back to size 4 and try again.
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Nthing everyone. My son stopped wearing diapers at 37 pounds and he was in 5s then. Never bought 6s.

We did go through cycles between diapers. It went something like this:
Size 2s
Size 2s with diaper doublers at night (or Huggies overnights, but doublers are way cheaper)
Size 2 Huggies overnights with doublers
Size 3s

There was always a window where he was too small for the next size, but needed the extra absorbancy of the next size.
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I can't imagine a size 6 fitting that well (I know you can't go by the weight ranges on the box, but still...) My son is 14 months old and a big boy--95% all around. He wears size 5 and has since around 10-11 months. I can't see a size 6 being appropriate for a tall, slim child with narrow hips. Of course, that is a separate issue from absorbency--but I would actually try a smaller diaper first.
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Yeah, I'd say the 6 is way too big. For comparison, my 13-month-old son weighs 30 pounds, is 31.25 inches long, wears 24 month/2T clothes, and wears size 5 Pampers Cruisers. I do always end up going up a size for output before weight, but he's been fine in 5s for months. At babyjbenben's age, he was transitioning from 3 to 4.
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Response by poster: WOW.

"The missile points down." Thanks tchemgrr for that hilarious turn of phrase!


I spent all day wondering about this and checking on variou points mentioned during each changing. The diapers honestly seem to fit just right. He is in a phase where he seems to be napping more than ever before, and growing like crazy. The volume he puts out is pretty high. When we first switched sizes over a month ago, there were no leaks. Leaks now happen if we don't change him frequently, or if he's in his walker or bouncer after he's had more than one bottle (one bottle is fine) and pees when he's in there. On those occasions, the diaper is pretty bursting/full - time for a change anyway. There are no rivers of pee! Just a bit of dampness that is generalized or seeps through the top/sides. His output overnight, however, is commiserate with the daytime. Boy pees a lot. Traditional overnights aren't doing the job and changing him interrupts his sleep.


It seems this will solve the output issue!

@barnone - that's a GREAT suggestion for the fleece diapers. I will Memail for further tips/info.

Thanks everyone! I don't think he's a giant baby, but he's pretty tall. If liners and a change to fleece diapers overnites doesn't solve it, I will DEFINITELY put him back into size 5's for a trial. I'm not sure just now because, like I said, the 6's DO fit comfortably.

His Dad is super super tall, what can I say?
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