How to change the wing mirror on a Peugot 107?
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How to change the wing mirror on a Peugot 107?

I broke the wing mirror (passenger side) on my Peugot 107 when trying to fold it in when parked on a narrow street (doh). I have bought a new mirror, and I'm trying to fit it myself.

From the look of the new mirror, all the external plastic bits are one piece, and I need to remove the inside plastic face, unscrew the old mirror and screw in the new mirror.

There's a blank face plate (pic 1) which is normally hidden by the dashboard when the door is closed. This piece slides off cleanly if I push it to the right. Doing this exposes two screws and a white plastic rivet type fixing (pic 2) which is holding the rest of the face plate to the door. I have removed the two screws (green holes in pic 2), but I can't figure out how to detach the plastic rivet.

It looks like I should perhaps be able to slide the face plate down, releasing the rivet through a larger hole (pic 3), but there isn't any give in that direction. I have peered behind the faceplate and there looks to be another white rivet behind the top (I couldn't get a pic of it) which is stopping the whole thing from sliding down.

So my question is: how do I remove the wing mirror?

Thanks in advance
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If you remove the adjuster lever can you rotate the whole panel out of the way to get at whatever might be underneath?
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I think you're taking out the wrong piece. If it's like my old Citroen Saxo (it very possibly is), the smooth plastic part around the adjustment lever will slide out with some strategic levering with a screwdriver blade. Around the lever you'll find three torx-headed screws holding the mirror to the door.
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Response by poster: @Chutzler: No, the adjuster lever doesn't come off.

@Dr Dracator: Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow, and see if I get any further. I don't want to just start prising at panels randomly though, as they are all plastic and I don't want to break anything.
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Best answer: Is there a Haynes manual for the car? I found the book for my Subaru very helpful when I had to replace a mirror on the car last week.
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Response by poster: There is a Haynes manual, but it's £22, made of dead trees, and would take several days to get here. I was hoping for something faster and cheaper, so I turned to askmefi :-)
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Sorry for being ignorant of conditions in the UK, but aren't there any of what we call auto-parts stores there? That's where I got my Haynes manual, and IIRC, it cost about $20 US. I bought it years ago, and only use it infrequently, but it's paid for itself many times over. I was going to pay a local shop to put the mirror on, but it was being inconvenient, so I did it myself and saved much more than the cost of the book.
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Response by poster: @Kirth: I don't really follow your comment. Is that just a sarcastic way of saying "just buy the Haynes manual", or are you really asking about auto-parts stores?

If the former, then yes, it is looking like I'll have to buy the manual, as I can't seem to find the answer online (or figure it out myself), and it will be cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

If the latter, then yes we have lots. I would expect the book to be cheaper and more readily available online though.
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Amusingly, Haynes manuals are a British institution - named after John Haynes, OBE. But this is not a thread about books! Have you managed to get the thing out yet? Look at the new mirror (you do have one, don't you?) - the location of the screw holes will tell you where you need to be looking on the door.
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richb, I was not being sarcastic. I even looked at Amazon for the manual. They didn't have one for that model of car, but the ones they did have for Peugeots were all $16 to $25 US. I would not assume that the book would be cheaper on the Haynes website; my experience with such things is that the publisher sells their books for list price, while lots of other places discount it heavily. I really am not trying to insult you, but if it were me, I would phone some parts stores and ask how much they charge for the book. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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Response by poster: No, no luck yet. I've had a close look at the new part, and it has three screw holes which will match with the back of the smooth section in pic 2 above. That section of plastic is attached to the area with the green screw holes in the same pic, so I'm convinced I have to remove the interior panel which is held on by that white plastic rivet.

On that basis, I'm fairly sure I can't remove this by prying at the exterior panel, but I haven't tried prying at the outside (I don't want to snap anything though).

I've ordered a Haynes manual. I searched for the ISBN (from their website, linked above) and the cheapest I found was on eBay for £15 inc p+p. It should arrive by this weekend, so I'll have another go then.

Stay tuned for the exciting finale. Thanks for all your help.
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Response by poster: The Haynes manual arrived a few days ago, and I found some time last weekend to fix this.

You do have to slide that panel down to let the white rivet pass through the larger hole (pic 3 above). The trick is that you have to lift the top of the panel away from the car at the same time, and push quite hard while you're doing this. The second fixing I referred to above ("another white rivet behind the top ... stopping the whole thing from sliding down") will pull out if you pull out and down on the top of the panel quite hard.

The Haynes manual had very little detail of all this, but it had a picture showing the panel coming away, and gave me the confidence to pull a bit harder than I had tried before.

Once the old wing mirror is off, you have to transfer the coloured body panel from the old wing mirror to the new (as the replacement mirrors come without the body panel, presumably so the same part fits all colours). To do this, you have to take the mirror out of the old casing to expose the four clips. The Haynes manual was extremely vague on how to do this (it just said "prise" it out), and I couldn't do this without breaking the old glass.

Overall I was not very impressed with the detail in the Haynes manual, but I couldn't do this job without it, and I could do the job with it, so I guess they have just enough detail :-)

The Haynes manual also has lots of useful info about the car, so I don't regret shelling out for it.
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