Recommend us a hotel convenient to Penn Station please?
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Any personal recommendations for Manhattan hotel that is clean and won't totally break the bank? I'm thinking ideally ~$200. It would be for Feb 25th (Saturday, a week from today). Private bath a must.

We are a couple and would like the hotel to be relatively convenient to Penn Station, since we'll be flying into Newark and needing to get to Elizabeth, NJ the next day. Thanks so much!
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I was going to recommend the Kimpton Eventi at 30th and 6th Ave, very close to Penn Station. I stayed there for a little over $200 about a month ago, but it looks like the prices are closer to $300 now, using the code BRISK (and you need to sign up for Kimpton InTouch before booking). Still, it's a really nice hotel, close to Penn Station, built in the last few years, very modern. The room I stayed in had a shower, not a bathtub, but a really nice one.
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The Yotel fits that bill. Bathroom in the room is optional, but still $200/night with bath. Bath is glass walld with full-coverage curtain liner, so it might not work for you. Bed was comfy; room was pretty quiet, despite Yotel's deliberate "party" vibe in the upstairs lobby.
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I've had decent luck finding places with HomeAway. Sometimes the price quoted on the search results doesn't include cleaning fees, which could add another $100, so keep an eye out for that in the descriptions. The owners I've booked with through HomeAway have all been very accommodating.
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We *just* booked in at the Hudson Hotel for mid-March, so I can't give a you a review of the facilities, but we looked and looked (and looked!) to try and find something that was cancel-able, less than 200, in (lower/mid-) Manhattan, and had decent reviews online. The reviews for the Hudson Hotel aren't spotless, but they seem to be rather good compared to the others we were looking at. Good luck!
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I used to book a stay at Hotel Indigo which is a few blocks off Penn on perhaps 28th? Was in the $120 range and the hotel and location was excellent. No idea if that pricing was a fluke or readily available.
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DreamNY. Awesome hotel that has rooms for $177 king size bed and private bath. even has a rooftop bar.

Its on 55th and 8th ave. By the way its awesome. in the summer there is a line down the block to use the rooftop bar.
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Here is the link.

The dates are open and a king size bed room is available for $179 a night for your date.
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Make that 55th and 7th lol
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I stayed at this Holiday Inn on 6th Ave in the fall. You can walk to it from Penn Station. It's only drawbacks were the rooms are really small and the elevator is really slow. Otherwise it was fine.

Also I would check the specials on
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I've stayed at the Hotel Stanford which was decent - looks like $139 for next Saturday. 32nd & Broadway.
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I have always stayed at the Sohotel and this time of the year is their low season. They show $169 for Saturday night and $69 for Sunday. There's a lot of pleasant nightlife around the intersection of Chinatown meeting Little Italy and a taxi from Penn was not bank breaking (but I'd hesitate on misremembering an amount, under $10 )
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Via Trip Advisor special offers, we spent $114 a night last week--two nights--at Radisson Lexington at 48th. In the winter months, Priceline often has great offers way under $200 a night if all you need is a night. Again, I don't know about weekends.
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Yeah, OK, so I just checked Priceline again, and they gave me a crazy good deal on the Waldorf Astoria. The art deco lover in me forced a quick and emotion-based decision, and I don't even know how convenient it will be! Thank you so much for all your help!
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A friend just stayed at the Days Inn (I think) on the Upper West Side (Broadway and 94th) for under $100 per night. I was shocked. The room was on the small side, but completely satisfactory with a decent-size bathroom and a queen bed.
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We paid 160 at the Roger Williams in Murray Hill -- very very nice.
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Yeah, OK, so I just checked Priceline again, and they gave me a crazy good deal on the Waldorf Astoria.

You'll want to take a cab from Penn Station to the Waldorf-Astoria. Which is, obviously, a clean and nice hotel.

FWIW, the Waldorf-Astoria often fills empty rooms by selling them for cut-rate prices on Priceline. An empty hotel room means no revenue, etc. They'd rather sell it for cheap than not sell it at all...
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Staying at the Dream Hotel is no guarantee of admittance to the rooftop bar on the entirely pretentious club nights.

For future reference, also check out the Pod Hotel - though you may get a room without a bathroom (these rooms are even cheaper). Similarly downtown is the Jane Hotel.
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